Brisbane International Airport 3d Laser Scan

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

3d Laser Scan Of Brisbane International Airport Baggage Zone

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Our client, Alstef Group found us on Google and after reading our 5 star reviews they contacted us to discuss their project.

Alstef Group is currently handling the major baggage area upgrade to both the International & Domestic terminals at Brisbane Airport. With the major redesign of the conveyor belts & infrastructure, they required detailed asbuilt models to perform their documentation. Due to the airport not having any detailed 2d plans of the conveyor network, Alstef Group contacted Asbuilt Drawings Drafting Services to perform a full 3d laser scan of the areas which were being replaced and decommissioned.

As stated by our client, the traditional tripod scanners would not be able to do what the BLK2Go Mobile laser scanner could do. Especially being able to get in and over the crossing conveyers and structures.

With the BLK2Go in hand we hit the on button and began scanning this huge spaghetti network of conveyor belts. The total time taken to perform this scan was 45 minutes.

Back in the office, we downloaded the scans and aligned them within our Register360 program for processing. Within a few days we had the completed point cloud back to the client so that they could complete their design & IFC drawings. Needless to say, they were very impressed with the turn around time. This project is currently in the design & documentation phase.

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