Sub-Station 3D Services Scan

Location: Sydney CBD, New South Wales

Our client found us on google and after reading our 5 star reviews they contacted us to discuss their project.

The clients scope of works was to replace the Trade Waste pipework & increase the supporting bracket structure within the Sub-Station site. As there were no accurate drawings available showing the length, width & heights of the pipework and surrounding services, they had only one option which was to have the site 3d scanned.

We were engaged to provide a full scan of the Sub-Station to include all hydraulic, fire, mechanical & electrical services within the vicinity of the Trade Waste pipes to be replaced. We also captured all columns, slabs & concrete beams which could impose on the new support bracket locations. Our scan of this site took 20 minutes.

Now that we had the point cloud scan, we then imported this into our 3d modelling software and began modelling the existing services of the Sub-Station. This Asbuilt model is then issued to the client so that their contractors can begin creating Shop Drawings of the replacement pipework and new supporting brackets.

If you require existing services to be scanned and modelled, contact us today.