Patio Roof Extension

Location: Brisbane Queensland

Asbuilt Patio Renovation

Same Day Service For Sale Of Property.

Our client found us on Google and after reading our 5 star reviews they contacted us to help in their desperate situation.

Their house was for sale and the purchasers found out that there was a patio extension which didn’t have council approval. They threatened our client that the sale would fall through unless they had this extension approved.

Our client contacted us and explained the situation. We immediately jumped in the car and went to their property to measure up the patio extension. With using the BLK2Go Leice 3d Laser Scanner, we completed the asbuilt scan within 3 minutes. The client had existing drawings of the property which helped us in preparing the Building Application set for approval.

That afternoon we processed the point cloud information from the scan and put together the BA set of drawings.

Needless to say the client was super happy with the same day turn around service for this urgent matter.

The client later informed us that the Building Application was approved and the sale went through without any issues.

If you require asbuilt services for an existing structure, contact us today!