Unique Scan For Cabinet Maker

Location: Sydney Airport

Toyota Troopy Internal Scan

Location: Sydney Airport

Without doubt, this is the most unique scan I have done with the BLK2Go 3D Scanner!

We received a call one day from a client saying that their daughter has a Toyota Troop Carrier and she plans on travelling around Australia. “She lives in Sydney and I (her father) lives in Melbourne. I have a cabinet fabrication company and instead of her driving to Melbourne it would be easier to have the back of the car scanned and we fit out the car based on the point cloud you provide”.

We were up for the challenge, so off to Sydney we went. With the BLK2Goi in the backpack we jumped on the jet down to Sydney. When we landed we rang the daughter who met us at the pick up/drop off bays. With the BLK2Go in hand, she pulled over, we scanned the truck (total time 3 minutes) said our good byes and we were back on the jet to Brisbane within 20 minutes.

We travel around the country from state to state doing what we do.

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